FEFCO catalogue

The FEFCO code is the internationally recognised system for the classification of corrugated board packaging designs. It contains designs of the most common box types with a code number attached to each design, simplifying the identification process. It is enough for you to choose the desired length, width and height.


We hope that the FEFCO catalogue will help you make the right choice.

Our products

We manufacture the traditional, most currently used top/bottom layered (TBL) boxes in every size and every paper quality available on the market. We can produce these types for all our customers according to their individual demand and in any size. It is enough to indicate the length, the width and the size as well as the cardboard quality for manufacturing. These products generally do not require tooling costs and special planning. They are assembled by means of gluing, or by stitching in the case of bigger boxes.

Bigger and pallet-sized TBL boxes are manufactured by means of a specially installed die cut machine. They are perfectly suitable to replace wooden boxes and barrels. Both small-scale and large-scale manufacturing is ensured, even from seven-layered corrugated cardboard.

Due to their great rigidity and safe closing, die cut, self-closing boxes guarantee the perfect protection of the product. They can be assembled at the place of utilization within a short time. The protection of the inlaid product can be guaranteed by mean of various folding ears. This technology ensures the manufacturing of products of any form and quality. Closing can function on its own, with the top folded over, or with a separate die cut top glued at four points, according to individual demand. We can provide printing on boxes in one colour in outstanding quality. The manufacturing of these products requires special die cut tools and extra planning. We do not charge our partners for planning and graphics. We manufacture the required die cut tool in our own workshop at an advantageous price.

Our crates made of corrugated cardboard and ordinary cardboard by cutting and die cut technology ensure the separation of glass bottles, tubes and other industrial products within the box, and their safe transportation. Both their small-scale and large-scale manufacturing is guaranteed.

For designing the products we are working with a special CAD software and a digital cutting machine to make product samples.

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