Our technology background

temutatóThe manufacturing of top-bottom boxes takes place on an up-to-date automatic production line. An automatic gluing and folding channel cuts, glues and assembles the boxes. At the end of the channel, an automatic counter, a stacking and strapping machine ensures the formation of a unit packet that permits transportation in sheets. The production line has a capacity of 3000 to 5000 boxes per hour depending on the size of the product. In order to manufacture a product of a different size, the machine can be converted within a short time, which allows the economical production of boxes, even in smaller quantities. Any currently available corrugated cardboard type can be processed on the production line. A FLEXO printing unit is attached to the chain of machines. It allows the printing of the boxes in one colour. The boxes are delivered on pallets, strapped and foiled, according to demand.

bemutatóFor making bigger boxes, we have two special cutting machines. They allow the manufacturing of pallet-sized boxes or other boxes of great size. We assemble bigger boxes, boxes made of two halves as well as boxes of extreme strength by manual stitching.

bemutatóWe manufacture die cut self-locking boxes and plates on our two highly productive rotary die cutters. The machines are capable of processing corrugated and micro-corrugated cardboard sheets of the maximum size of 1300x2400 mm, consisting of three or five layers of corrugated cardboard. Printing in one colour is also possible. The machine allows the manufacturing of every box whose design is included in the FEFCO-ASSCO coding system as well as the manufacturing of any box designed individually. The machines have a production capacity of 3000 to 5000 pieces per hour depending on size. In our own workshop, we make the necessary cutting tools that are necessary to manufacture these types of corrugated cardboard boxes. In order to manufacture smaller, precisely machined boxes we use a cylinder-cutting machine. It is mainly used to manufacture products in smaller series, or boxes that need special cutting precision. The maximum size of its cylinder is 1400x2000 mm.

bemutató We have an automatic folding and gluing production line to do the further folding and gluing of the cut-out boxes that need gluing at three or four places. The production line makes possible the manufacture of 5000 to 8000 boxes per hour, ready for delivery. We proceed to manual gluing in the case of smaller series.

bemutatóCut-out boxes are always shipped in flat, outspread tables, which ensure small-volume transportation and protects the product from being damaged. These boxes can easily and quickly be assembled up at the place of their use. They can be locked without any tools when the product is placed into them.

We have special high-performance rotary die cutters and bridge die cutters at our disposal. These crates serve mainly to separate glass bottles and other fragile objects in the boxes. We have a special high-capacity rotary machine for manufacturing cardboard crates. It can manufacture 5000 to 8000 crate elements. We apply combined circular scissors to the technological preparation of corrugated cardboard boxes. These scissors allow us to do the necessary operations of folding, splitting and cutting to size.

Our storage capacity of several thousand square metres allows us to offer supplementary logistics service to our customers. For customers who demanded to do so in the frame of the guarantee of a general contract, we can manufacture their long-term blanket orders and store their products, within the range of our possibilities. These products can be delivered to our customers on demand, just in time, within a few days. Our products can be shipped to our customers by a means of transport sent by them or we can organize the delivery by our vehicles.