The EHISZ is more than 20 years old

Our joint stock company manufactures packaging materials from corrugated cardboard. We have a production capacity and a logistics server infrastructure that make possible the production of 10 million square metres of corrugated cardboard per year. Our up-to-date machine stock meets all demands and allows the processing of the complete range of the currently available corrugated cardboard assortment. That is why our products include a very wide selection of packaging materials made of both micro-corrugated cardboard as well as goods manufactured from cardboard plates consisting of three, five and seven layers.

cég The production of packaging material manufactured from cardboard is also important. To this category belongs, among other goods, the group of products we produce regularly: crates that are necessary for the transportation of tubes or other goods usually shipped in a specially arranged way and separating sheets made of cardboard. The quality of the cardboard products we process ranges from 300 g/m2 to 2000 g/m2. The actual manufacturing takes place in a hall of production of more than 3000 square metres. We have covered halls of over 3500 square metres to allow proper storage, warehousing and service. Our technology meets the demands of low and medium as well as high volume productions.During the production process, we consider the quality of our products as a major issue. Its uniform and continuous application is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality management system. Because of this, the number of quality complaints registered annually amounts to less than a thousandth of the produced items.

sWe developed an integrated business management software system to ensure the up-to-date functioning of the office management of our joint stock company. The software covers every area of our operation, from commerce to finances and office management. The computer terminals located in the production hall serve to carry out our production program and provide information on its current situation. We can provide our customers precise information on the state of the ordered products. The program enabled us to shorten the daily operative work considerably. The management possesses updated information before taking decisions. Throughout its activity, our joint stock company attaches great importance to the protection of the environment. We are firmly convinced that packaging materials manufactured from paper preserve the environment more effectively than any other packaging materials. Moreover, our specially developed production technology minimizes the waste that inevitably arises and we take care of its reutilization.

We make great effort to reduce and optimize our energy consumption. In the course of our technical developments, we paid special attention to the use of alternative energy and as well as to the creation of an economic heating system and the optimum use of electric power. By our developments and daily activity, we endeavour to satisfy the widest possible demands of our customers.