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The management of our company continuously initiates the introduction of new methods, technologies and tools.
We are at service in boxes dividing sheets trays and other accessories from all types of corrugated cardboard

Our company has a production capacity and logistics service infrastructure suitable for processing 15 million square meters of corrugated board per year. Thanks to our advanced machinery, we can process all of the currently available corrugated cardboard sheets, therefore our products include the widest selection of packaging products made using 3-, 5- and 7-layered corrugated sheets.

We can offer

In addition...
It is enough to specify the dimensions and the quality of the corrugated board.
Guarenteed quality
Our company ensures the highest possible quality.
The main profile of our company is accuracy
We adapt to your needs
Slotted boxes
In all sizes and qualities
Pallet sized and larger slotted boxes
Excellent for replacing wooden crates and barrels
Self-sealing and telescopic boxes
Perfect product protection
Below the market price
We do not charge our partners design and graphic costs
 Reasonable prices
We do not charge our partners design and graphic costs, we make the necessary cutting tools in our own workshop for a favorable price
Our colleagues are happy to answer any questions you may have
Take a look at our products and choose from the options
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